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Arizona Adjustable Rate Mortgages

At the peak of the housing boom many Arizona residents were increasingly turning to adjustable rate mortgages for the funding solution. As long as home prices were increasing this method seemed like a great way to take advantage of low interest rates. However, when the housing bubble burst many homeowners found out the hard way that adjustable rates can cause a great deal of pain financially. While the low introductory rates seemed great at first, once the mortgages began to reset many borrowers began to see their monthly payments rise dramatically.

If you are considering an adjustable mortgage you need to carefully examine the terms and fees before you decide to move forward. It is important to know how long the initial fixed period is for. Typical ARM’s have ether a 3 or 5 year fixed period before they start to adjust. You will also want to find out how often the loan will adjust after the fixed period is up.  The different between six month adjustment period and one year adjustments could make a big difference over time. Additionally, you will want to know what if any rate cap is on the loan. This can protect you a little should rates rise quickly.

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If you decide that an Arizona mortgage with a rate that is adjustable is the direction you want to go, make sure you compare multiple quotes from different lenders. By comparing the rates, terms and fees from several different lenders you will have a better understanding of the current marketplace. This can put you in a position to find the best deals on adjustable rate mortgages currently available.

To save time many people are spending more time shopping for rates on the internet. Many online financial sites offer borrowers the opportunity to compare mortgage quotes from several different brokers instantly. If you are determined to find the best home loan possible you may want to time a few minutes to comparison shop online.

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