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North Carolina Mortgage Refinance

If you are planning to refinance your North Carolina mortgage, take the time to investigate lenders before you proceed. Jumping at the first mortgage refinance offer you receive is a recipe for disaster, leading to headaches and lost money. Carefully read the details of any loan offer you are considering and make certain you are getting the best deal for your particular situation.

Without question, securing the lowest possible loan rate should be your goal. However, there is more to consider than just rates. One important factor in choosing a lender is whether or not the lender intends to service the loan. Some lenders handle servicing in-house, allowing borrowers to take mortgage problems up with them. Others sell their loans to larger companies, requiring borrowers to deal with the new company for loan issues. If you prefer dealing with a local company, it is wise to learn how loan servicing will be handled in advance.

Loan Servicing and North Carolina Mortgage Refinance
By law, lenders are required to disclose the percentage of mortgages they have sold around closing time. However, you don't have to wait until closing time to learn if your loan will be sold. Simply ask for this information before you apply for a loan.

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