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Omaha Home Mortgage Refinance

If you are interested in obtaining an Omaha home refinance loan, you may question the difference between a mortgage refinance loan and a home-equity loan. An Omaha mortgage refinance loan can help you lower monthly payments and consolidate your bills. Both loans may be helpful for saving on taxes. Keep in mind, however, that although the two loans can be used to accomplish some of the same things, they are quite different.

If you choose to refinance, your mortgage refinance loan will be based on your original mortgage. If you refinance, you'll replace your old loan with a completely new mortgage. Refinancing your Omaha mortgage may be wise if you want a lower interest rate, a smaller monthly payment, or if you want to build equity at a faster rate.

Choose an Omaha Home Mortgage Refinance or Equity Loan
If you choose to obtain a home-equity loan, the loan will be made against the value of your property. A home-equity loan is made in addition to a current mortgage. It is separate from your existing mortgage. It is possible to carry several home-equity loans against your Omaha home, as long as the loans do not exceed 100 percent of the value of your home.

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