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Portland Mortgage Refinance Rates

When you purchased your Portland, Oregon home, rates may have been low and you may have opted for an adjustable-rate mortgage (ARM). This may have been a smart choice at the time, increasing your buying options and offering you attractive monthly payments. What do you do when mortgage interest rates start to rise and the deal doesn't seem so sweet? Refinance the mortgage on your Portland home.

As a Portland homeowner, you have options. You're not stuck with your ARM. You can apply for a mortgage loan with a fixed rate and lower payments. You could even opt to shorten the length of your loan. For some, refinancing is an opportunity to not only switch to a fixed-rate loan, shielding themselves against frightening rate fluctuations, but also to gain extra cash to spend as they please.

Leave Your ARM behind with the Lowest Portland Mortgage Refinance Rates
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