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Portland Mortgage Refinance

Ready to refinance your Portland, Oregon mortgage? You'll need to consider closing costs. Lenders charge closing costs when you refinance or purchase a home. Closing costs cover such things as escrow, title, and appraisal fees. Refinance loan closing costs may also include lender fees, points, insurance charges, taxes due, and fees for credit. The escrow and title fees are often the highest of those mentioned.

When you are ready to refinance your Portland mortgage, you may be able to find a lender willing to finance your closing costs. Simply put, this means the lender will add your closing costs onto your refinance mortgage balance. In this way, you are not actually eliminating closing costs, but are essentially paying them at a later point in time. For some, this option is very attractive, as it allows the closing costs to be worked into monthly payments.

Forget Closing Costs for Your Portland Mortgage Refinance
You may even have the opportunity to refinance your Portland mortgage using a no-cost, no-points loan. With this loan, your lender will pay any closing costs that do not reoccur. However, there is still a price to pay with this type of loan. Your interest rate is likely to be higher than with a traditional refinance loan.

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